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Poland’s Warta Poznan unveil plans for vegetation ‘stand’

June 22 2023 - News Release News Editorial

Polish top-tier Ekstraklasa football club Warta Poznan – nicknamed 'The Greens' – has unveiled plans for a sustainability-focused new stadium that will feature a 'green wall' instead of a stand behind one of the goals.

Poland’s Warta Poznan unveil plans for vegetation ‘stand’

The club is seeking to develop a new home in the Droga Debinska area of the city and has now presented its preliminary concept for a stadium that will have an initial capacity of 5,000 featuring three stands.

One stand will be entirely dedicated to fans, while another will serve as a family and ecological space, and the third will house the club’s administrative, sports, media and technical facilities. Instead of a stand, the area behind one of the goals is set to feature a green wall embedded with vegetation.

“One end is closed with a plant-breathable wall. We have already planned to locate the club’s apiaries on the roof of the stadium. We will obtain renewable energy from photovoltaic panels located on the roof of the club stand. We envision that this is not only a football facility. It is intended to serve our local community and residents. We are ready for recreational and commercial activities to take place there, so that it will be a natural extension of the recreational areas of this part of the city.” Maciej Wojdyło, a Member of Warta’s Management Board

Warta is currently having to play its games at Stadion Dyskobolii Grodzisk Wielkopolski, which is located around 27 miles southwest of Poznan. The project is being led by Cost-Bud.

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