Global Sustainable Sport aims to bring the global voice of sport together and to drive sustainability through sport to provide a better future for sport and the planet.

For too long, sport has prioritised profit and profile over people and planet. Now is an opportunity to align the seven ‘Sustainable Pillars of Sport’:

  • Partnerships
  • People (Social)
  • Planet (Environment)
  • Power (Governance)
  • Profile (Media)
  • Profit (Economic)
  • Participants (Sports)

Global Sustainable Sport has worked with academics and practitioners to develop a standard methodology to evaluate the sustainable activations of a wide range of sports stakeholders. This will enable stakeholders to express the true value of their activations and to showcase how sport is taking a leading role in developing a more sustainable future for the planet.

Global Sustainable Sport’s keys aims are to:

  • Encourage more sports stakeholders to embed sustainability in their DNA
  • To work alongside other stakeholders to develop a sustainable future
  • To use the power of sport to inspire and engage fans and participants from all over the world to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle
  • To use the collective voice of sport to drive sustainability
  • To encourage all sports stakeholders to transparently report their sustainability outcomes
  • To deliver a more sustainable future for sport and the planet.

Global Sustainable Sport will provide a range of products and services to help sports stakeholders develop their sustainability programmes; to evaluate their sustainable activities; to communicate their outcomes and to help them engage their athletes and fans.


Our vision is to drive sustainability through sport





CEO & Founder

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Mike is one of the leading authorities on the global sports industry, with a particular focus on delivering better outcomes through sport. Mike has worked in the sports industry for over 30 years working closely with a wide range of sports stakeholders from all over the world. His key skills are in sports news, data and technology. He will focus on helping to drive a more sustainable future for sport.


General Manager

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Veronica has been involved in sport for over 15 years. Joining Sportcal in 2007, she supported and managed clients for Sportcal, one of the leading information providers in the business of sport. Veronica has worked with a wide range of stakeholders from all sectors of the sports industry and will continue to support and manage organisations and individuals registered with Global Sustainable Sport (GS Sport).


IT Manager

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Alex first started working in sport at the International Amateur Athletic Federation (now World Athletics) in 1986. He joined Sportcal in 1997 and helped develop Sportcal into one of the leading information service providers to the sports industry. Alex is now helping support and develop the technology behind the Global Sustainable Sport platform.


Education Consultant

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Daniel specialises in responsible decision-making. He has 15 years’ international experience advising organisations in such areas as strategy development, sustainability/ESG reporting, and impact measurement. Through his company Responsible Sport, he advises on a strategic approach to sustainability/ESG, placing emphasis on education to foster know how and ensure meaningful adoption.

Bethany White

Editorial Consultant

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Bethany is a writer and editor specialising in society, culture, and sustainability. After completing a PhD in History, she worked as a development editor and writer focused on bringing leading research in the social sciences to a wider audience. She has a lifelong interest in sport, particularly football, and is committed to highlighting topics connecting sport and sustainability.

Ali Daruwala

India Consultant

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Ali is an experienced project manager in the IT banking sector, and has previously assisted with offshore development projects for Sportcal. As an entrepreneur, he brings valuable experience to his role as a promoter of Global Sports Sustainability’s initiatives in India. Ali is committed to promoting sustainable practices in the sports industry and is eager to work with GSS to encourage participation in sustainability initiatives throughout the country.


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