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Singapore Grand Prix report showcases sustainability enhancements

October 05 2023

The recent Singapore Grand Prix, Formula 1’s famous original night race, not only provided an entertaining spectacle under the lights, but also showcased organisers’ efforts in the sustainability space.

Singapore Grand Prix report showcases sustainability enhancements

Since the race debuted on the calendar 15 years ago, the Marina Bay venue has developed numerous Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Organisers recently released an ESG report, detailing efforts structured around three key sustainability pillars. 

These include reducing the carbon footprint of the event, with energy at the forefront; a holistic approach to sustainability such as adopting a circular economy, sourcing sustainable resources and minimising waste; and creating a positive impact in the community. 

For the 2022 event, when it came to reducing carbon footprint, 85% of grid electricity consumption was carbon neutral; B7 biodiesel was used to power 48% of the Circuit Park; and a successful trial with energy-efficient LED lights saw all track lights replaced with LED bulbs for 2023, reducing energy usage from track lighting by roughly a third. 

Communications from the event encouraged fans to utilise public transport, while organisers also made the transition to digital e-tickets. A focus on circular economy saw a ban on single-use plastic bottled water, eliminating 160,000 used plastic bottles compared to 2019. Water refill stations were place around the site to encourage fans to use their own water bottles. 

Elsewhere, used cooking oil from food and beverage operators has been collected and converted to biodiesel since the 2011 staging of the event, but 2022’s edition saw 2,100kg collected, equating to the reduction of more than 4,000kg of CO2 emissions.

Image: BugWarp/ CC BY 4.0

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