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GSS Partnership Opportunities


Global Sustainable Sport (GSS) is looking for partners to support its GSS Champions of Sustainability Programme 2023.

The aim of the Champions of Sustainability programme is to help every sports organisation, federation, team, league, club, event, venue, host city, nation, brand, broadcaster, and supplier become a “Champion of Sustainability”. It is both aspirational and inclusive.

The programme will launch in early July with a Global Survey, which is free to participate in. Organisations can then join the Champions programme, which will include a full evaluation of their activities at the end of 2023. The programme will conclude with a series of reports published on different elements of sport and sustainability and an awards programme in spring 2024 to recognise the amazing achievements of different stakeholders across the different Sustainable Pillars of Sport.

The Champions programme will be supported by a series of workshops and an educational programme which will help sports organisations move through the various stages, from planning to developing, developed, advanced and, finally, to becoming a Champion. It may take many years for an organisation to become a Champion, but by beginning the programme sports stakeholders will receive guidance and direction towards developing a strong and meaningful sustainability strategy, making a positive impact along the way.

Sport is built on developing champions. But the planet needs everyone to become a champion, not just a champion of sustainability but also a champion FOR sustainability.

GSS is offering three levels of partnership for the GSS Champions of Sustainability Programme – Presenting, Pillar or Supporting

These are available for Global, Regional, National and Sport divisions


GSS Preseniting Partners will support GSS in the global development of the GSS platform. Presenting partners will work alongside other stakeholders and partners to help drive sustainability through sport.


GSS “Pillar” Partners will provide strategic support & guidance to GSS in the development of the various “Pillars” of the GSS platform. They will work alongside other partners in driving sustainability through sport.


GSS Supporters work alongside GGSS to help develop Global Sustainable Sport’s products and services. They will also support other stakeholders and partners in driving sustainability through sport.

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    GSS Partner Programme Benefits:

    • Advisory & Strategic Board Opportunities

    • Supporting the development of global standards

    • Working in partnership with global organisations

    • Supporting academic research in sustainability

    • Supporting innovation and technology

    • Visibility throughout the GSS website and media platforms

    • Partner Profile on website and in reports

    • Access to GSS Knowledge Centre and reports

    • Contribution to white papers and publications

    • Participation in webinars and educational workshops

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