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Olympic Academy celebrates “World Clean Up Day” in Santa Cruz

September 15 2022

The Cabo Verdean Olympic Academy will celebrate the World Cleanup Day on the 17th of September, at 9:00 am, in the town of Achada Fazenda, in partnership with the Municipality of Santa Cruz, the Centro Olympafrica and the North Santiago Athletics Association.

Olympic Academy celebrates “World Clean Up Day” in Santa Cruz

This is an initiative that the Olympic Committee has carried out for the last three years in partnership with various stakeholders and encourages environmental, sports and other organizations to join the cause of cleaning up our environment. This year the activity became the responsibility of the Olympic Academy.

A “Plogging”, a mixture of running and garbage collection along the route, will be the activity held this year, where children and young people from the local community are invited to participate. The course will be 1.1 km, starting at the local Sports Center and arriving at Centro Olympafrica.

Over the last few years, garbage collection has been significant on all the islands, however the disposal of it in the dumps has been an issue that bothers the participants, so this year the garbage collected in Santa Cruz will be used in works at the Center olympafrica. The initiative aims not only at recycling waste, but at raising awareness and empowering the community by transforming waste into something useful. This will kick off an environmental preservation project, which will later be carried out, as a way of sustaining local families, one of the objectives of Centro Olympafrica.

The World Cleanup Day is an initiative of the international organization “Let’s do It World” and since 2018, more than 50 million people have participated in actions in 1,200 cities in 180 countries that, together, have collected more than 280 tons of garbage, being the motto of this campaign “THERE IS NO PLANET B”.

Environmental concern has been one of the important aspects of the Olympic Movement and the International Olympic Committee is increasingly calling for the use of sport as a tool to raise awareness and preserve the environment.

The Olympic Academy is an institution whose main objective is to carry out education programs on the Olympic values ​​and the dissemination of Olympism in the academic and social spheres in different fields and which has responded positively to the IOC’s appeals in this regard.

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