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Sport’s collective voice can make a difference

Sports stakeholders on their own cannot solve the world's global problems but as a collective voice sport can lead the way and inspire its athletes and fans to make a difference. It needs the sports industry to come together with one voice and deliver a sustainable future for sport and the planet.

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The growth of the sport sustainability career

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Evaluate:How sustainable is your...

Through the AVA Portal sports stakeholders will be able to evaluate the performance of their activations on an annual basis, benchmarking their performance against an industry standard and enabling them to truly demonstrate their contribution to global sustainability

Get involvedGSSport 2032 Project

The GSSport 2032 project will aim to engage all sports stakeholders in delivering a more sustainable future for sport and the planet.

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GSSport Products and Services

GSSport provides a range of products and services to help sports organisations and individuals to develop their sustainability strategies and to promote their outcomes and activities.

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