GSS 2024 is more than just a one-off event. It is a year-round engagement where the global sports community comes together to share knowledge, ideas and experiences with each other and to drive better outcomes through sustainability and purpose.

1 Congress – 10 Workshops – 7 Pillars – 4 Workstreams

There will be four workstreams based on the 7 Sustainable Pilars of Sport and Purpose with a wide variety of sub-streams:

• Partnerships & Purpose: Federations, NGOs, Events, Hosts, Leagues, Teams, Sponsors, Suppliers, Athletes
• People and Participation: Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, Human Rights, Women’s Sport, Adult Participation, Getting kids active, Active Lifestyle, Community, Volunteering
• Planet and Profile: Climate, Carbon, Oceans, Clean Air, Land, Bio-Diversity, Energy, Waste, Fan & Athlete Travel, Engagement
• Power and Prosperity: Governance, Circular Economy, Risk, Insurance, Innovation, Economic, Media, Commercial Rights, ROI

GSS 2024 Delegate Benefits:

  • Networking Opportunities – Online and in-person

  • Connecting with people from all over the world

  • Knowledge, market insights & trends

  • Community engagement with like-minded people

  • Innovation and new technology

  • Advocacy & policy making

  • Sharing ideas and experiences

  • Driving sustainability and purpose through sport

  • Making a difference

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