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AWorld underpins new MotoGP sustainability challenge

September 21 2023

MotoGP has linked up with the AWorld mobile application to encourage fans of the motorcycle-racing championship to adopt sustainable steps as part of a broader ‘Making a Difference’ initiative.

AWorld underpins new MotoGP sustainability challenge

AWorld was selected by the United Nations to support the ActNow campaign, which aims to inspire people to participate in the drive forward with the organisation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Now, the app will play a central role in the new ‘Making a Difference’ fan engagement project that aims to achieve 500,000 positive actions from its launch this week and November 26.

The various fan-logged actions will contribute to a ‘collective’ prize of a donation from MotoGP to its official charity, Two Wheels for Life, while the highest-ranking fans will receive prizes, including VIP Village passes for a 2024 Grand Prix.

“MotoGP is committed to making a positive impact on people, place and planet,” Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, said.

“As the pinnacle of two wheels, MotoGP leads the way in sustainable innovation, and as a truly global sport we have a platform that reaches millions and millions of fans. So, partnering with AWorld makes perfect sense.

“Racing together isn’t just something for the paddock or the people on track, it includes our millions of fans, and thanks to this collaboration with AWorld they can now take an even more active part in helping us to make the sport more sustainable, and increasing its positive impact.”

Alessandro Armillota, Founder of AWorld, added: “During the nine weeks of the challenge, all MotoGP fans can download the AWorld App and join the ‘MotoGP Racing Together team’, participating directly in the ongoing challenge.”

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