GSS will arrange a series of workshops for organisations participating in the GSS Champions of Sustainability programme throughout the year

An introductory workshop took place on April 17th/18th in conjunction with InSport Education and acted as an introduction to the GSS Champions of Sustainability.

There will be four further workshops during the course of the annual cycle that will be deep dives into the seven GSS Sustainable Pillars of Sport.

Workshops will be free to organisations who are participating in the GSS Champions of Sustainability Programme or can be purchased on an individual basis

Each workshop will be delivered by recognised experts in their fields and will be held in a Webinar style, lasting for around 120-180 minutes each


GSS Workshops – Current Cycle

Workshops planned for the current annual cycle include:

  • GSS Pillars of Sustainability in Sport (Jul. ‘23)
  • Deep Dive: Prosperity & Power (Sept. ‘23)
  • Deep Dive: Planet & Profile (Nov. ‘23)
  • Deep Dive: People & Participation (Mar. ‘24)

Pricing for an individual workshop is €250 or all four for €750

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