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Sports organisations thrive on action. But they also need a plan on how to take responsibility for their actions.


The GSS Educational Programme offers you a solid, jargon-free, comprehensive understanding of sustainability in sport. Join us to learn how you and your organisation can ensure a positive impact through your day-to-day work.

GSS Education brings you everything you need to know about the most important sustainability aspects in sport helping you to become a Champion of Sustainability.

Our self-paced, online programme equips sustainability managers, senior execs, commercial or communications professionals with sustainability essentials as well as in-depth views – delivered by experts from around the world.

The programme allows for a customised curriculum based on your own needs allowing you to select individual workshops & modules to create your own learning pathway or sign up for the whole course.

Our Core Modules are built upon one another giving you a solid roadmap to follow. The Deep Dive modules see industry experts providing insights into some of the most relevant areas of sustainability in sport. Each module takes around 120-180 minutes and is composed of different elements such as videos, readings, quizzes, or podcasts, fostering maximum engagement.

Workshops are organised throughout the year, involving industry experts sharing their knowledge and experience across each of the seven GSS Sustainable Pillars of Sport.

Crowdfunding to support sustainable education

Global Sustainable Sport in partnership with its sustainability educational experts, Daniel Cade and Nico Decurtins have successfully raised funding through a crowdfunding programme to support the development of its educational programme and to provide free places on the programme for students and those that can’t afford the programme.

The crowdfunding will provide funding to support the production costs for the course:

  • For the platform via which the course will be created and offered on.
  • For the time needed to create the different content pieces
  • For the costs to create the video content in a studio with proper equipment to make sure that the user experience is as professional as possible.

Co-designer of the educational programme Daniel Cade stated:

“This idea has evolved as a direct result of our consulting work. To roll-out a robust, meaningful, and impactful sustainability strategy everyone within the organisation has to be on board. We’ve found in the past that the understanding as to what sustainability is, how it is relevant to sport, and why activities should be performed outside of the sustainability department is lacking. That’s why we’re building this course.” Daniel Cade, Responsible Sport

Nico Decurtins also the co-designer, added:

“We are trying to inspire and ultimately change an entire industry. Environmental and social responsibility in sport needs to take a big step. With this programme we're trying to scale our own reach and give more organisations and individuals access to our knowledge, and that of other experts from around the world. Together, we can leverage the power of sport, and we hope that by offering this programme we can provide that lever.” Nico Decurtins, The Sustainability Coach

GSS Educational Programme


5 stand-alone modules enabling a customised curriculum based on user needs. “Students” can pick and choose individual modules or sign up for the whole course.



Launched with 5 Deep Dive modules to start with and additional modules will be added later linked to the seven GSS Sustainable Pillars of Sport.



GSS will offer four workshops per annual cycle. Each workshop will cover one or more of the seven GSS Sustainable Pillars of Sport.


Educational Pricing

  • Individual Core Module = €250 or All Five Core Modules = €950
  • Individual Deep Dive Module = €250 or All Five Deep Dive Modules = €950
  • Individual Workshop = €250 or All Four Workshops = €750

Educational Packages

  • Five Core Modules and Five Deep Dive Modules = €1,750
  • Full Educational Programme (Five Core Modules, Five Deep Dive Modules and Four Workshops) = €2,250

    GSS Educational Programme Registration

    Register your interest in our comprehensive GSS Eduational Programme on sports and sustainability

    GSS Education Programme Benefits:

    • The five Core Modules will provide a solid foundation for understanding sport and sustainability./li>

    • An initial range of Deep Dive Modules developed by industry experts providing in-depth insights into some of the most relevant areas of sustainability in sport

    • Additional modules will be continuously added based on the seven GSS Sustainable Pillars of Sport

    • Bespoke options available for organisations to create their own personalised programmes

    • Available on an e-learning platform with a direct integration into the GSS website for easy access

    Educational modules start from US$325/£250/€290 per year.

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