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The GSS Champions of Sustainability Programme offers a range of in-depth assessments across the GSS Sustainable Pillars of Sport that will help any sports organisation develop into a Champion of Sustainability.

The Champions programme offers different stages of assessment, starting with the Planning level through to the Champions level.

The GSS Planning level looks at 1 of the 7 pillars and can be any pillar. The organisation is assessed across this pillar and a GSS Rating awarded for that pillar.

An organisation could be a Champion in that one pillar but not score in the other pillars. The overall rating will reflect that fact.

At each stage the pillars are increased by a factor of two so an organisation at the Developing stage is assessed across 3 pillars, Developed across 5 pillars and Advanced across 7.

At the GSS Champion level the organisation is assessed across its whole stakeholder group including its members and its events. The cost of this stage varies according to the size of the organisation.

Each organisation will then be awarded an official Champion rating for their sustainability activities in that year based on these assessments.

As part of this in-depth assessment an annual report would be produced on the organisation’s sustainability activities based on the GSS Sustainable Pillars of Sport.

GSS will then publish a series of reports based on the various organisations participating in the Champions programme.

Organisations that participate in the Champions programme will then be included in the GSS Champions of Sustainability Awards programme for the previous year.


The GSS Champions of Sustainability Programme will offer 5 levels of assessment

  • GSS Planning – 1 Pillar
  • GSS Developing – 3 Pillars
  • GSS Developed – 5 Pillars
  • GSS Advanced – 7 Pillars
  • GSS Champion – Group


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