GSSport24 Workshop 6  


Workshop 6 Programme:

  • Session 1 – Sport and Biodiversity.

  • Session 2 – The power of imagination: How sport can inspire climate action


Workshop 6 will start at 11:00 BST and will last for 2 hours

Session 1 – Sport and Biodiversity

Join us for an online session on “Sport and Biodiversity,” where we explore the intersection of sports and nature conservation. Discover how the natural world provides the essential backdrop and resources for many sports, emphasizing the critical interlinkage between sport and nature.

During this session you will :

  • learn about the “Sports for Nature” initiative, which brings together leading sports organizations committed to preserving our planet’s biodiversity.
  • Discover the initiative’s mission, the signatories dedicated to this cause, and find out how you can actively participate in this global movement
  • Learn about the Biodiversity Compass module, the newest addition to the bloomUp Data Compass. This tool enables organisations to embrace a data-driven approach to sustainability, merging cutting-edge technology with critical ecological and societal benefits.

Together, we can harness the power of sport to protect and celebrate the natural world. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a positive impact through your passion for sport!

Session 2 – The power of imagination: How sport can inspire climate action

Why is it so hard to get people to act on the Climate Emergency? Sharing frightening facts, figures and images clearly isn’t working. So what happens when you shift the narrative and encourage people to yearn for a better, low-carbon future by using the power of collective imagination?

Imagination is the source of all change. And every major societal shift, like women getting the vote, civil rights, or even the NHS at first seemed impossible and even ridiculous before becoming mainstream.

On the eve of this year’s London Marathon Weekend, the organisers held a remarkable event. A Marathon Challenge: A Mass Movement Towards a Cleaner Future brought together 200 people to collectively imagine a different, better future for mass participation.

Facilitated by Phoebe Tickell, an Imagination Activist, attendees were moved and inspired to take action.

Join Kate Chapman, Head of Sustainability at London Marathon Group and Phoebe Tickell, Founder and Director at Moral Imaginations to learn more about how the power of imagination can cut through and inspire reflection, conversation, action and collaboration and consider how such an approach could work in your organisations.

Workshop Recording

Click here to watch the recording of Session 2 – The power of imagination: How sport can inspire climate action

A Marathon Challenge

A mass movement towards a cleaner future

This short video clip gives a flavour of the pioneering climate change event held at Frameless on the eve of the London Marathon Weekend – taking participants 200 years into the future to imagine how good it could be.

Click here to watch the video

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