The world is facing a unique set of economic, social and environmental challenges.

Sport is greatly affected by all of these, but sport can play a leading role in tackling many of these challenges.

GSS 2024 aims to accelerate change and activity, encouraging more sports organisations to drive better outcomes through sustainability and purpose.


GSS 2024 is more than just a one-off event.
It is a year-round engagement where the global sports community comes together to share knowledge, ideas and experiences with each other and to drive better outcomes through sustainability and purpose.
GSS 2024 will start in April and May with a series of online workshops discussing a range of topics based around the 7 Sustainable Pillars of Sport and Purpose.
In June GSS will hold an in-person workshop during UEFA Euro 2024 at the Olympia Park in Munich, the home for the Fan Festival during UEFA Euro 2024.
In October and November there will be a series of follow-up workshops building on the themes discussed in Munich looking at the actions and outcomes achieved in 2024 and discussing objectives for 2025.

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GSS 2024

Sport can play a leading role

The aim of GSS 2024 is to help accelerate change and activity, helping drive sustainability through sport

To balance people and planet with profit and profile

To share knowledge and information

To create a common understanding of what sustainability is all about

To bring the industry together and to give it a voice ā€“ big or small

To encourage best practices

To create better purpose, prosperity and outcomes

“These global challenges are greater than one organisation.”

Help drive sustainability and purpose through sport

Everyone has a role to play.