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Ben Rosser

CEO - The Pythian Club

Ben Rosser

Having served 10 years in the police force, Ben founded an award-winning organisation named The Pythian Club. Offering a variety of real opportunities to our young community in the East Midlands.

At 23 he joined Nottinghamshire Police. His goal, to support the community and be a positive influence to people living in Nottingham.

He was proud to serve the people of Nottingham, however during the 10 years service he saw that policing was changing due to government cuts, from being proactive to reactive. This disillusioned him, so he took it upon himself to start up a youth/community club to get back to being proactive. It was a risk, but he is passionate about supporting and engaging with young people directly. This resulted in forming The Pythian Club back in 2014.

The Pythian Club (TPC) are a community organisation based in Nottingham focused on empowering and improving the lives of young people and their families, which will contribute to positive community relations.

Our young people supported by senior staff are central in everything the club endeavours with a track record of delivering high profile locally based initiatives.

We provide 29 free community activities per week, in 9 different areas, across the city and county, supporting 400 young people and their families. Our activities range from sports sessions, wellbeing workshops from our Secret Garden to educational and employability workshops and pathways.

We have a focus on Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belong and demonstrate are passion toward this by providing unique opportunities for our diverse communities. We have an emphasis on creating special memorable moments that can be enjoyed and celebrated by everyone.

From our community hub we provide further support and services which include food, banks, benefit and advice, warm spaces, to relax, unwind and reflect. We are proud to have given our over 340 bikes, free of charge to people to keep them active.