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August 31 2023

Water Polo Australia is pleased to present its Climate Action Strategy for the next three years.


WPA recognises that our sport is not exempt from the impacts of climate change and that our sport’s impact on the climate is not insignificant. We have a responsibility to ensure our sport operates within and protects the environment we play in.

WPA Board Director Susie Smith said: “Today, we dive into a new era of responsibility and sustainability as we unveil Water Polo Australia’s inaugural Climate Action Strategy.

“Just like our athletes adapt to the currents of the game, we must adapt to the changing climate. Together, we rise to the challenge, doing our part to safeguard our planet for generations to come.”

“By leading in climate action, Water Polo Australia contributes to a larger legacy. It’s about leaving a positive impact beyond the sport itself, showing that the organisation cares for the planet and took steps to make a difference,” she said.

Former National Age Group Program player, and ACU Cronulla Sharks representative Kal Glanznig was part of the WPA Climate Action Panel, who worked collaboratively to develop the strategy.

“Climate change ranks as one of the top concerns and stressors for young people in Australia,” Glanznig said.

“It makes me immensely proud as a player to know that our peak sporting body of Water Polo Australia is taking this leadership. Inspiring the community and making our mark on the global sporting world.

“As a former Aussie Junior and current AWL player, it has been a pleasure to represent the player community on the Panel and see the expertise, positivity and plans to position Water Polo Australia as a key team player, as we seek to decarbonise Australian and global sport.

“Like in the pool, we shouldn’t point fingers to blame but instead we should take accountability to do what is in our control and encourage others to join the team, exactly what has been achieved here with this Strategy.

“As we have seen with the 2019 fires and recent flooding across our nation, climate change poses a risk to water polo participation, access and assets. It already is, and will continue to impact water polo and other sports across Australia and the world.

“Hope lies in action, and if we all play our part I am optimistic we can solve this once in a lifetime challenge of climate change and continue playing the sport we love,” he said.

Our Climate Action Strategy will focus on 7 Initiatives:

  1. Climate Governance Framework – Demonstrate climate leadership in sport
  2. Education and Advocacy – Advocate for practical climate action
  3. Measuring our emissions – Understand our carbon footprint and report transparently
  4. Building Climate Resilience – Resilient to the potential physical impacts from climate change
  5. Reducing emissions (procurement and waste)  – Lighten our carbon footprint and report transparently on progress
  6. Reducing emissions (transport) – Lighten our carbon footprint and report transparently on progress
  7. Reducing emissions (energy) – Lighten our carbon footprint and report transparently on progress

Informed by the expertise of the Climate Action Panel, the Water Polo Australia Board has formed a position on Climate Change and collectively are proud to lead the sport in building long-term resilience and sustainability into our core business.

CLICK HERE to view Water Polo Australia’s Climate Action Strategy and Water Polo Australia’s Social Impact Strategies. 

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