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Wanderbaumallee hosts Anne Castroper

October 17 2023 - News Release News Editorial

Anyone who has carefully walked past the VfL stadium center in the last few days will have already spotted it: For a few days now, VfL Bochum 1848 has been hosting the BUND-Bochum (Bund for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany eV) walking tree avenue directly at the entrance to the stadium center.

Wanderbaumallee hosts Anne Castroper

The last hot summers have impressively shown how important trees and greenery are for our city. The trees have a positive impact on the climate, air quality, health and biodiversity. They are the natural air conditioning systems of our cities and not only make the city more beautiful, but also more livable. With its location on Castroper Straße, VfL has been at home in the heart of the city of Bochum for ages and would also like to make its contribution to sustainable urban design.

As part of this commitment, the Blue and Whites are pleased that the BUND’s walking tree avenue is making a stop at Castroper Straße 145. The BUND-Wanderbaumallee represents an innovative idea on the way to sustainable urban design and environmental education. At the same time, it shows how positively trees and plants in the city can change the living environment.

Together, VfL and BUND would like to implement ecological projects in the future to promote biodiversity and climate protection around the Vonovia Ruhrstadion and to make an important contribution to environmental education.

>> More information about BUND Bochum

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