Union SG is becoming Green !

June 05 2022 - News Release News Editorial

Royale Union Saint-Gilloise welcome a new Brussels-based supplier for our cleaning materials.

Union SG is becoming Green !


We are working alongside a local family-run business, Eco-Multi, who provide eco-friendly cleaning supplies for our stadium which have attained the European Ecolabel, Nordic Ecolabel or Groupe Ecocert. Royale Union Saint-Gilloise have made a committment to preserve the environment by choosing hygiene products awarded with the European eco-label from GREEN ‘range. R which contribute to the reduction of water pollution, waste and energy consumption. To qualify for the EU Ecolabel, products have to comply with a tough set of criteria which take the whole product life cycle into account – from the extraction of the raw materials, to production, packaging and transport, right through to your use and then your recycling bin. We also are making the commitment to reduce using products that have a high level of chemicals, toxic and hazardous substances to ensure we protect our environment.


Not only is it important for us to use recycled paper and ecological products within our stadium, we have also committed to using EcoLine products for our toilet paper, hand towel and soap dispensers. Our dispensers use MasterBio technology to accelerate the plastic biodegradation time by 99% (this means 9 months – 5 years to instead of the average 100-1000 years!). We are proud to use this type of ecological technology at our stadium to keep our fans and our environment safe.

Recycling Stations

We are very happy to  announce thay we are the first football club in Belgium to pilot recycling stations in partnership with Coca Cola for the 2020-2021 season. Our aim is to reduce waste and increase recycling wherever possible, so this is a big step in the right direction. We encourage all of our home and visiting fans to use our recycling stations located throughout the stadium to help us on our mission to reach 100% recycled bottles. Did you also know that our Chaudfountaine bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic ?!


Eco Cups

Our commitment to reduce waste and single-use plastic also extends to our supply of matchday beverages. We are the first club in Belgium to use Eco-Cups for our matchday events as we are passionate about preventing a single-use cup from being thrown away and entering landfill or contaminating the environment. Our Eco Cups are made from recycled plastic and gets thoroughly washed after each game. We have a  returnable deposit scheme in place, whereby you deposit one euro at the bar to gain your matchday Eco-Cup which you can re-use as much as you want on that day! At the end of the game, you return your re-useable cup to our bars and we refund your euro. Did you know that when our eco cups are 100% recyclable too? When our cups can no longer be used, they get recycled into other useful items ! Goodbye single use plastic ! #RefillNotLandfill

Recycled Paper

Did you know that our food packaging  and materials on matchdays are eco-fridendy ? Our napkins are made of recycled paper as well as our burger paper wraps ! There is no guilt associated when you eat our delicious food !


We encourage all of our fans attending our matchdays to travel by public transport to ensure the Co2 emissions assoicated to our games are kept as low as possible. Did you know there is a bus stop right outside our stadium called ‘Union ? How cool !
You an reach it by using tram 82, 97 and 32 (during the evening).

If public transport isnt an option, why not make friends with local fans in your area and car-share to our home or away games? Car sharing is a great way to reduce Co2 emissions ! We actively encourage those who live close to our stadium to walk or bike. There are bike racks. Don’t worry if you dont have your own bike, we also have two Villo !


Union is happy to work with Paperwise for all these printing sheets. This company uses agricultural waste, including leaves and stems left on the ground, to transform them into printing sheets. Respect for the environment is a priority for our club, which is why we are proud to be able to work with such a company.

Vegan Burger

We are excited to announce that Royale Union Saint-Gilloise will be supplying vegan burgers on matchdays ! We want every one of our fans to have access to food on matchday, so this non-meat option is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, those with dairy intolerances or those eating halal or kosher. Enjoy – they’re delicious !


We encourage all of our fans to use e-tickets on their phones to scan their barcode on arrival to matchdays , this also keeps us safe and contact-free. Just remember  to have enough battery to see you through the game ! Whilst we do also provide traditional printed paper tickets, this is not a necessity. The quicker our fans move over to e-tickets, the more trees we can save !


Energy Supply 

After undertaking extensive research, we chose to partner with Eneco, a recommended supplier by Greenpeace, for our energy supply (gas and electricity) at the Stade Joseph Marien  Stadium. Eneco wants to become the most sustainable energy supplier in the country, with 100% of its green electricity produced in Belgium by 2025. To achieve this, the company is investing in sustainable projects and is constantly expanding its wind farms and solar parks. We are proud to be  working with Eneco to power our stadium using green energy.

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