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UEFA unveils ‘pivotal’ Carbon Footprint Calculator

March 07 2024 - News Release News Editorial

UEFA, football’s European governing body, claims the launch of its newly unveiled Carbon Footprint Calculator marks a pivotal step towards reducing emissions within the sport.

UEFA unveils ‘pivotal’ Carbon Footprint Calculator

The Calculator was launched at Emirates Stadium in London yesterday (Wednesday) with the aim of empowering UEFA’s member associations, clubs and leagues to “become active drivers of change”.

It is tailored to football organisations and allows them to assess and understand their carbon emissions with a focus on football-specific areas such as mobility, facilities, logistics, and purchased goods and services.

The Calculator has been two years in the making and is a collaborative effort involving more than 20 football organisations as well as third-party advisers.

“The UEFA Carbon Footprint Calculator embodies our ambition to showcase that football can be part of the solution in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions,” said UEFA Vice-President Laura McAllister.

“By providing stakeholders with the tools and guidance, we are facilitating collective action towards a more sustainable future for our sport and the planet. Together, we can demonstrate to governments, investors, fans and commercial partners that football is committed to addressing climate change in a unified and strategic manner.”

UEFA, which is a signatory of the United Nations Race to Zero campaign and has set a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2040, stated that the Calculator underlines its “dedication to being a proactive force in the fight against climate change”.

The governing body is expanding its European competitions in the 2024-25 season with an additional 177 fixtures to be played across its three major club tournaments – the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League.

“By providing stakeholders with the tools and guidance, we are facilitating collective action towards a more sustainable future for our sport and the planet." UEFA Vice-President Laura McAllister

However, UEFA has taken several proactive steps to measure and mitigate emissions – the latest of which is the Calculator launch – and has integrated climate advocacy in its Football Sustainability Strategy 2030, Strength through Unity.

The governing body recently included a trio of sustainability-focused start-ups in its Champions Innovate scheme. Pavegen, My Emissions and Pledgeball have all been tasked with developing pilot projects responding to social and environmental challenges in the build-up to this year’s Champions League final at Wembley Stadium in London.

UEFA has also insisted that this year’s Euro 2024 tournament in Germany will set a new standard in sustainability, with match schedules tailored to reducing team travel.

The governing body has signed an agreement with the Association of the German Transport Companies (VDV) to offer a free 36-hour travel pass on public transport for fans with match tickets to games across Germany’s 10 host cities.

Additionally, UEFA has launched a Climate Fund for amateur clubs in Germany ahead of Euro 2024. For each tonne of CO2 emissions produced in connection with the tournament, €25 will be donated to the fund. This means that, based on pre-tournament projections, about €7m will be made available for climate protection projects, with clubs able to choose from a set list of projects in the fields of energy, water, waste management and smart mobility.

Image: Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash

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