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UEFA releases 2021/22 Respect Report

December 20 2022 - News Release News Editorial

The report is the first look at the impact of Strength Through Unity, UEFA’s sustainability strategy launched last December.

UEFA releases 2021/22 Respect Report

The UEFA Respect Report provides an annual comprehensive insight into how European football’s governing body is inspiring, activating and accelerating collective action to respect human rights and the environment on and off the pitch, building a more sustainable future for European football.

5 reasons to read the report

1. DISCOVER WHY UEFA positions sustainability as a long-term investment in the success of European football

2. LEARN HOW UEFA is moving from ambition to strategic action around social and environmental sustainability

3. FIND OUT about Europe’s fast-growing community of football sustainability professionals

4. READ STORIES about the real-life impact of collaboration between UEFA and its football stakeholders

5. FIND RESOURCES and toolkits developed by UEFA to accelerate the uptake of sustainability policies

To read the rest of the release please click on the link below

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