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UEFA launches Champions Innovate sustainability start-up initiative

September 28 2023

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has introduced a new initiative: Champions Innovate. Created in collaboration with the Greater London Authority, the project will aim to identify and resolve the most impactful issues associated with the UEFA Champions League Final.

UEFA launches Champions Innovate sustainability start-up initiative

The programme will be implemented in order to stimulate constructive collaboration between the host city, commercial partners, and upcoming companies to create a lasting legacy of sustainability.

Beyond this legacy, there are other main objectives of the movement. The programme will seek to explore innovation and change both on and off the pitch that could benefit the industry. The initiative will further explore the use of innovative start-ups that can provide fresh ideas around sustainability, which could also lead to continuous collaboration. 

Support and financial aid will be provided to those who qualify, while a sandbox approach will encourage innovation and experimentation from the start-ups. One major benefit for participating parties will be mass exposure, with their work set to be seen globally.

With its multiple, corporate giants as commercial partners, UEFA is looking for ways to optimise its collaborations and has opened up the brainstorming process to the public. 

The PepsiCo challenge will involve ideating a method by which fans can help source the power generation for the kick-off show that the company is responsible for. UEFA is also looking for ways in which Just Eat Takeaway can help to offer more sustainable and healthier food to fans during and around the time of the Champions League Final. UEFA’s collaboration with Mastercard has introduced the possibility of involving fans in the world of financial technology to foster collective action toward addressing climate change in the industry.

Image: Janosch Diggelmann on Unsplash

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