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UEFA Assist: empowering women’s football worldwide

August 02 2023

UEFA and its member associations have made remarkable strides in supporting and promoting women's football projects across the globe.

UEFA Assist: empowering women’s football worldwide

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup takes centre stage in Australia and New Zealand this month, the influence of women’s football worldwide continues to grow. UEFA’s dedication to developing the game goes beyond its European borders, supporting sister confederations’ development projects through the UEFA Assist programme.

Thanks to UEFA’s ongoing collaboration with CONMEBOL, Assist has made a significant impact in South America, with dedicated events in Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. More than 250 women have attended these workshops, focusing on developing women both on and off the pitch and enhancing the governance and structure of women’s football in each country.

Below, we look at the positive impact the programme has had on women’s football elsewhere in the world since its inception back in 2017, focusing on some of the key joint projects between football federations:


The English FA has hosted online seminars focusing on women’s football development in Australia ahead of the World Cup. The positive impact from this initiative extended beyond knowledge-sharing, as the remaining funds were invested in purchasing much-needed equipment, laying the groundwork for future stars to emerge and thrive

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