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UBS Arena launches new three-pronged sustainability plan

November 23 2023

New York City’s UBS Arena has unveiled a three-point sustainability agenda aimed at bettering the venue’s environmental impact.

UBS Arena launches new three-pronged sustainability plan

The plan, named ‘Sustainable Brilliance & Community Resilience’ was created to provide a progressive framework for the arena, which is home to National Hockey League (NHL) side the New York Islanders.

“Our organisation’s commitments are deeply rooted in making a difference,” said UBS Arena President Kim Stone.

“This bold sustainability framework gives us an even greater opportunity to make further strides in those promises. It’s important that we don’t just talk about these values, but how we are committed to actions.”

Three core pillars have been identified as part of the initiative – ‘nourishing our neighbourhood’, ‘protecting our planet’, and ‘inspiring our industry’.

The first seeks to fill 30% of jobs at the venue with local residents and develop a community resilience plan, with energy storage solutions for emergency situations for example.

"This bold sustainability framework gives us an even greater opportunity to make further strides in those promises." UBS Arena President Kim Stone

UBS Arena is also aiming to play a major role in supporting the local community in times of crisis, with residents facing increasing risks of storms and flooding.

‘Protecting our planet’ sets out goals of achieving zero waste by the end of this year, participate in at least one conservation or restorative initiative on Long Island by 2025, and installing six megawatts of on-site renewable energy by the end of 2024.

Finally, the ‘inspiring our industry’ pillar will see UBS Arena create an impact fund to donate at least $100,000 to organisations focused on career development, health and wellness, the arts, and climate justice by 2025.

A further $1 million sponsorship money from brands with sustainability solutions and community impact by 2024 is also due to be activated.

“After setting and achieving many sustainability goals in just two years of operations, UBS Arena’s future focus will not only deepen operational efforts but will also drive positive impact outside of the walls of their Arena,” said Kristen Fulmer, Head of Sustainability for Oak View Group, which part owns the venue.

“Together, we crafted goals that were focused on the needs of today while addressing the need for adaptation in the changing climate.”

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