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Tigers announce 2022-2024 Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

August 02 2022

Richmond has further cemented its Diversity and Inclusion commitments and vision by launching its second Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP).

Tigers announce 2022-2024 Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

Welcomed by President Peggy O’Neal at the official Club function as part of the recent Many Cultures match against Brisbane, the DIAP will ensure transparency and accountability for the Club’s D&I actions across the next three years.

The Club sought internal and external advisory in forming the DIAP, including from Korin Gamadji Institute, Bachar Houli Foundation, Richmond’s Wheelchair Team, and Midsumma (Australia’s premier LGBTQIA+ arts and culture organisation).

Diversity and Inclusion specialists from Swinburne University, one of Richmond’s partners, and the Champions of Change Coalition were also consulted in preparing the DIAP, as were the Golden Tigers– Richmond’s LGBTQIA+ supporter group.

The DIAP aims to allow the Club to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion by delivering on four key strategic priorities 1) Voice and participation, 2) Inclusive, safe, and accessible services and spaces, 3) Advocacy and leadership, and 4) Diverse, aware and thriving workforce.

Speaking to a room full of key Club stakeholders and supporters, President O’Neal said that strong organisations had inclusiveness at their very heart.

“Our Club’s stated purpose is to Connect to Thrive and Win. This DIAP strengthens our capacity to live that purpose It provides strategic direction and clearly articulates the actions which the Club will undertake to ensure that we create a safe and welcoming environment that empowers people from diverse backgrounds to take their place in the game. Hearing these voices will underpin better decision making that can only strengthen our Club on and off the field.” Peggy O’Neal - President - Richmond

Richmond’s Social Impact and Sustainability Manager, Rita Nehme, added that sport had the power to bring people together, connect communities and improve social outcomes.

“To implement the work in our DIAP, we are ensuring that we are taking an organisation-wide approach to effectively and actively embed diversity and inclusion across the Richmond business,” “Our difference and uniqueness as people and communities make us a stronger, richer and more interesting Club. “Through the DIAP, we are committed to staying true to our Club values and continuously seeking diversity of voice and thought to listen to and learn from.” Rita Nehme - Social Impact and Sustainability Manager - Richmond

You can read a full version of Richmond DIAP 2022-2024 here.

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