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The Business Case for Women’s Football

August 16 2022

Ground-breaking UEFA report outlines the incredible potential of women’s club and league game in Europe, with commercial value set to reach €686 million by 2033.

The Business Case for Women’s Football

UEFA today launches The Business Case for Women’s Football, a brand-new, forward-looking and practical report that highlights the potential for growth in the European women’s club and league game over the next decade.

"The Business Case for Women's Football is a very ambitious project that has been developed in partnership with representatives from all football stakeholders including national associations, leagues, the European Club Association, clubs, broadcasters, sponsors, fans and academic institutions. "This report provides all of our stakeholders with a clear understanding of the benefits of investing in the women’s game, and provides them with clear rationale for increasing that investment." Giorgio Marchetti, UEFA Deputy General Secretary & Director of Football Division

A record-breaking UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 showcased the popularity and potential of international women’s football, but the game has also made huge strides at club level, with the successful launch of a new format for the UEFA Women’s Champions League with centralised marketing and TV coverage and ever-increasing professionalisation across domestic leagues.

"Women’s football is on an incredibly exciting trajectory, with growth being seen across nearly every metric and across all of our stakeholders across Europe. The potential of the women’s game is limitless and we believe we are on course to take women’s football to heights that were unimaginable just a few years ago. As this report shows, now is the time to capitalise on the momentum we have created together, now is the time to get involved, now is the time to invest." Nadine Kessler, UEFA Chief of Women's Football

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