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November 18 2023

Professional US sailing outfit 11th Hour Racing Team, who recently became the first American team in history to win The Ocean Race, has released an Impact Report detailing the integration of sustainable practices within the four-year campaign.


Back in 2019, 11th Hour Racing Team launched a new campaign backed by title partner 11th Hour Racing and led by offshore sailors and lifelong friends, CEO Mark Towill (USA) and Skipper Charlie Enright (USA). Considered one of the toughest sporting events on the planet, the team’s ambition was to win The Ocean Race 2022-23 and do so with sustainability at the core of all operations with a transparent reporting method, inspired to drive positive change within the sport and more broadly the marine sector.

On June 29, 2023 the team’s ambition became reality as 11th Hour Racing Team entered the record books as the first US team to win The Ocean Race in its 50-year existence.

Today, a full 96-page interactive report has been issued, detailing specific methods, key learnings, and innovations, as well as the set-backs and challenges the team faced in their quest to become a sustainable sports team.

11th Hour Racing Team CEO, Mark Towill said: “Sailors and others who use the ocean for recreation, sport, or their industries, are the most natural advocates for ocean health and those most responsible to lead the work to make positive changes. In the face of an urgent climate crisis, sport stands as a non-essential sector with a large carbon footprint. Yet we have the ability to engage and influence millions  In order to create meaningful change, we all must embrace the challenge and demonstrate a pathway to a more sustainable future.

“At 11th Hour Racing Team, our intention is that by accelerating these initiatives we will inspire others to take the necessary steps towards long lasting change for our sport and ocean health.” 

Managing Director of 11th Hour Racing, Todd McGuire said: “At 11th Hour Racing, our purpose is to drive positive change. Through the sponsorship with 11th Hour Racing Team, our shared ambition was to create a tangible impact within the marine sector through the sport of sailing. As a team, we identified key issues and gaps in knowledge and resources within the marine sector and professional sports team operations. We weren’t afraid to take the difficult first steps in the additional exploration of sustainable practices and today we are in a position to share those findings with the rest of the community for consideration and adaptation. The team has exceeded expectations both on and off the water, from creating The Toolbox, meticulously documenting the design and build of the boat and finally producing this Impact Report, all while winning arguably the toughest event in sailing, The Ocean Race. We are so proud of what we have achieved together.”

The extensive Impact Report covers the full scope of the team’s findings, from undertaking a full life cycle assessment establishing a new benchmark, engaging suppliers and partners through an internal sustainable sourcing process, to supporting change in policy and class rules, the team tackled some of the big challenges that relate to operating a modern sports team in the context of a global event.

There is an urgent need for the entire marine industry to align to the Paris Agreement’s requirement of a 45% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and to achieve net zero by 2050. By publishing this Impact Report, 11th Hour Racing Team’s intention is to provoke innovation and collaboration within the marine sector and highlight the importance of transparency for the future of the sport.

Please visit to view the full report. A PDF version is available here.

If you have any queries regarding the report or would like to provide feedback, please email us as Thank you.

Note to editors:

The Impact Report was designed and delivered by Think Beyond, the award-winning social impact and sustainability consultancy that supports organizations in making a greater positive impact on the world. Find at more at 

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