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Sustainability Survey Results To Shape New Strategy

November 06 2023 - News Release News Editorial

Wycombe Wanderers, together with Wycombe Wanderers Foundation are set to launch their new BeOne Sustainability Strategy for the football club, incorporating a wide range of views from its supporters following a recent survey.

Sustainability Survey Results To Shape New Strategy

Spearheaded by Chairboys star David Wheeler, who was last year appointed the Professional Footballers Association’s first ever Sustainability Champion, the drive to improving the club’s green credentials is already well underway, with a host of developments and improvements being implemented at both the Adams Park stadium and Marlow Road training base.

The survey, completed by close to 150 supporters, established a series of priorities for the club to address, most notably the eradication of single use plastic waste, increasing the provision of public transport to the ground to reduce the number of cars on the local roads, and enhancing communication around the numerous projects being undertaken to support the sustainability campaign.

The results have now been published in the EFL Week of Action, where clubs and their Foundations showcase the fantastic work that is being done across the community.

86% of respondents strongly believe that the club has a responsibility to reduce its climate impact, and 84% strongly believe that it is the duty of the supporters to make responsible sustainable choices when visiting Adams Park. However, 79% of fans reported that they make more sustainable choices at home than at the stadium.

80% feel they have a clear understanding of climate change, though a lower percentage – 67% – felt they understand the impact of climate change on football, or how football contributes to climate change.

The new BeOne Sustainability Strategy, to be launched later this winter, will reveal the club’s progress to date and its plans for the future, shining a light on the installation of EV car chargers at Adams Park and Marlow Road, the implementation of waterless technology in the urinals at both sites, the reduction in the environmental footprint of the club’s food and beverage operation, amongst many other initiatives.

David Wheeler said: “I firmly believe it is the duty of everyone to respect the environment and reflect on how they could change their day-to-day habits to reduce the impact that climate change is having on the world. We will never be perfect in doing so, but together as a society I know we can make a positive difference.

“For me, that change begins at home and at work – the places we spend most of our time – and it’s been enjoyable and rewarding for me to be part of a working group at Wycombe Wanderers to both improve our green credentials and educate others as to how they can do the same.

“The working group, chaired by Mark Gaitskell, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Wycombe Wanderers Foundation, has spent many months pulling together research and plans of its own, alongside the findings from the supporter survey, and we are excited to be launching the sustainability strategy in the near future which will give our fans the opportunity to buy in to what we are doing and hoping to achieve, and continue to have their say moving forward.”

The BeOne title of the Sustainability Strategy represents the Wanderers’ ‘one club, one community’ ethos and will be consistent with the BeOne Inclusivity Strategy which is being developed by the club’s Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Safeguarding working group.

To register for more updates about the sustainability strategy, please email marketing@wwfc.com to be added to the mailing list.

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