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Sustainability round-up: August 17

August 17 2023 - News Release News Editorial

This week’s sustainability round-up features Veloce Racing, Watford FC, Horse Sport Ireland and Rugby World Cup 2023.

Sustainability round-up: August 17

Energy company Eon and Extreme E’s Veloce Racing recently held an event in Coventry, England to demonstrate to young people that living sustainably can be fun. Over 60 eight to 11-year-olds were able to experience a range of skills and activities that exist in a motorsport paddock, while delivering the message that low carbon motoring and sport is fun. The children learned about sustainability, coding, resuscitation skills, TV presenting and media expertise. 

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A Horse Sport Ireland-commissioned report, ‘Environmental Sustainability: Equestrianism, Equine Breeding and Equine Sport Report’, has demonstrated the Irish equestrian sector’s impact on the environment. One such revelation is that it relies heavily on fossil fuels to power generators at events and to fuel horse transportation. Further impacts include the use of water to maintain ground conditions and to care for horses. Recommendations to improve sustainability in the sector include supporting organisations to gain a better understanding of challenges. 

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Rugby World Cup 2023 match officials will sport an eco-conscious jersey manufactured by Macron. The jerseys have been made using recycled plastic and have also been designed with male and female match officials in mind. Kit combinations will also accommodate colour vision deficiency to enhance inclusivity. The new kit will debut when host France takes on New Zealand in the tournament’s opening match at the Stade de France on September 8. 

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English Championship football club Watford FC recently celebrated the United Nations’ International Youth Day by highlighting its work with young people through its Community Sports & Education Trust. This year, the Trust has worked with over 12,000 young people on projects that focus on environmental sustainability. Many projects enabled young people to give back to their community and environment, including litter picking and gardening. 

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 Image: Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

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