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Sustainability Round-Up: April 06

April 06 2023

This week’s sustainability round-up features Horse Sport Ireland and British Equestrian’s efforts to garner more information on sustainability from its members; the 2023 edition of the Trophée des Champions and its actions to reduce its carbon footprint and an organisation that is redesigning club crests to highlight the potential impact of climate change on football. We also look at the GOAL sustainability platform from Oak View Group, Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena, as well as the impact of insufficient funding for women’s sport.

Sustainability Round-Up: April 06

Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) recently launched its environmental sustainability survey, which is targeted at business and individuals to gather information on pressing issues such as water availability, land stewardship, energy, emissions, waste and resources. The organisation has also partnered with British Equestrian (BEF) to run a survey concurrently for its own members. 

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The 2023 edition of the Champions Trophy from the French Professional League (LFP) will be played in Bangkok, Thailand. As part of efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, LFP will participate in a reforestation project managed by the Société Forestière. The Trophée des Champions pits the reigning French Ligue 1 champion against the winner of the Coupe de France, and is played internationally to promote French professional football. 

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The Climate Clubs non-profit organisation has redesigned football kits and badges to highlight how clubs could be affected by climate change in the near future. The non-profit was set up by Kyle Harman-Turner, and flags featuring the repurposed club logos are on sale with profits going to organisations that help to tackle climate change. 

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Eight major venues in the US have joined the GOAL sustainability platform to make up the final roster of 25 founding circle members. The programme was founded by advisory, development and investment company for sports and live entertainment, Oak View Group, Atlanta Hawks and the NBA team’s State Farm Arena. The platform will enable the members to chart a roadmap across more than 50 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives. 

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The Women’s Tour has been cancelled for 2023 due to an increase in running costs, which are approximately 20% higher in comparison to the 2022 cycle race. Organisers also said they had received a reduced level of commercial support and experienced difficulties in finding a vehicle partner to replace Skoda. The race was inaugurated in 2014 and is held in Britain. 

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Image: Climate Clubs

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