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Sustainability Report published for inaugural UCI Cycling World Championships

June 13 2024

Glasgow’s hosting of the inaugural UCI Cycling World Championships in 2023 produced a carbon footprint of 61.1ktCO2e, with the majority of these emissions falling within scope 3 – relating to travel.

Sustainability Report published for inaugural UCI Cycling World Championships

The Championships’ carbon footprint was detailed as part of its recently published Sustainability Report.

Last year saw the first time all 13 individual UCI World Championships merged together into one event, which took place in Glasgow and across Scotland between August 3-13.

Utilising the International Cycling Union’s (UCI) Sustainability Impact Tracker to undertake an Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) assessment, the event was able to produce benchmark data that will benefit organisers of future combined UCI Cycling World Championships.

The Sustainability Impact Tracker was launched in August last year.

The assessment is mapped against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and demonstrated that the competition contributed to 14 of the 17 SDGs. Additionally, the championships saw the appointment of Event Delivery Partners Sustainability Champions to share knowledge and best practice between each event; the establishment of a Sustainable Procurement Code raising awareness of the minimum standards expected when it comes to sustainability, diversity and low carbon emissions; and the development of the ‘Good Food Charter’ as well as a network between the event’s delivery partners.

“Tackling climate change is one of the priorities of the UCI’s Agenda 2030, with one of our aims being to make our UCI World Championships carbon neutral or negative. To do this, we need a base to work from, and I am delighted that we have a solid Sustainability Report from the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships,” said UCI President David Lappartient.

“The local organisers of last year’s inaugural UCI Cycling World Championships made great headway when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility, and I look forward to this momentum being continued at future UCI events.”

Approved in 2022, the UCI’s Agenda 2030 focuses on developing cycling and its events globally, as well as adopting extensive sustainability initiatives.

Not only did Glasgow’s hosting of the championships incorporate goals around environmental sustainability, but the report also highlighted organisers’ social commitments. The report found that 97% of people who attended the event felt it was inclusive; 93% of spectators with a disability found the event to be accessible; and as over 90% of events were non-ticketed, this facilitated greater access for all.

“The 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships aimed to champion sustainability in the world of sport, and we are proud of the effort we have made to drive meaningful change. The Sustainability Report provides useful insight, learnings and recommendations that will help deliver sustainable events and encourage innovation in the future,” commented UCI Cycling World Championships Chairman, Paul Bush OBE.

“Collaboration and partnership working were vital to achieving our sustainability objectives and I thank everyone, from our funding partners, event delivery partners and local authority hosts to the athletes and spectators, for all their help in delivering on our ambitions.”

Image: Angel Santos on Unsplash

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