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Sustainability measures outlined at Solheim Cup

September 28 2023

As the 12 best European golf players from the Ladies European Tour (LET) geared up to compete with and against the 12 best US golf players from the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) at the 18th Solheim Cup, sustainability was at the forefront of the competition. Aiming to set a standard for all future, similar events, the event took a multidimensional approach to maximising its sustainability.

Sustainability measures outlined at Solheim Cup

Europe retained the Solheim Cup following a dramatic 14-14 tie against the US last week, and the venue choice for the event highlighted the pursuit of the broader sustainability goal, according to organisers.

Spain’s Finca Cortesín is a resort renowned for its environmentally friendly practices. Since its inception in 2006, sustainability has been a main priority of the venue: using 100% recycled water, eco-friendly grass and the services of local communities. The resort has also been recognised by multiple bodies for its commitment to the environment.

Having partnered with companies that are known to hold sustainability in high regard such as shipping company Peninsula, security company Trablisa, electric mobility firm Activacar and electric company Kyocera, the Solheim Cup has already made significant shifts toward sustainability. Solar-powered generators were also installed ahead of time to promote eco-friendly practices.

BMW’s Automotor Premium was selected as the event’s primary mode of transport, offering a number of electrically charged vehicles to reduce the carbon footprint of attendees.

Beyond the organisers’ collaborative efforts, attendees were also afforded the opportunity to calculate their own carbon footprint throughout their time in Spain via the Zero Footprint initiative, created by the Costa del Sol region. The event organisers further pledged to plant a series of tree super-seeds following the event, in collaboration with PING. With the intention of creating a lasting legacy of sustainability, the LET also initiated a ‘Celebrating the Green’ movement in partnership with GEO Foundation in order to encourage sustainable activity amongst its current and future members.

Unsplash: Steven Shircliff on Unsplash

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