Colorsport’s ever-expanding library (now 20 million images) includes all the Olympics, World Cups and British Lions Tours, plus the revival of English football and the incredible rise of the Premier League. Colorsport also owns several valuable archives, including Albert Wilkes & Sons and Provincial Press. These collections give the business an unrivalled archive of football, back to the 1880s, and cricket to pre the 1st World War. Colorsport has some of the oldest football pictures in the world and still owns all the original glass plates, taken by Albert Wilkes (a former England international) and Provincial Press

Key strengths :

  • 1880s ā€“ present day comprehensive football
  • 1970s – Rugby including the Lions from 74
  • 1950s ā€“ present day cricket
  • 1960s/70s/80s iconic sports events and stars
  • 1990s ā€“ present day coverage of sport