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Sport increasingly recognised as a tool for peace – Bouzou

December 12 2022

Major players in the global sports movement called on international decision-makers to use sport as a vehicle for promoting peace at the recent 13th Peace and Sport International Forum, which concluded earlier this month.

Sport increasingly recognised as a tool for peace – Bouzou

The event, which took place under the theme of ‘Sport is an answer for peace’, gathered together more than 50 high-level speakers from four continents, as well as over 250 participants.

“I am delighted that so many high-level personalities have come together after two years of the pandemic to reaffirm that sport offers solutions to the resurgence of conflict, division, and hate speech,” Joël Bouzou, President and Founder of Peace and Sport
“Fifteen years ago, the idea of peace through sport was utopian. Today, the recognition of sport as a tool for peace has accelerated and the actors of peace through sport are in a position to provide concrete solutions to the problems encountered daily by the actors on the ground.”

Across the various discussions and sessions, a key theme emerged that sport should be used to transmit the values of peace, based on its universality and role models.

Delegates heard how capacity building, pedagogical support, programme monitoring and evaluation, and an integrated approach are key elements to strengthen the development of sport as a tool for peace.

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