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Sky Sports, ECB and The R&A launch sustainable fan travel campaign

July 20 2023 - News Release News Editorial

Pay-television broadcaster Sky Sports, through its Sky Zero initiative, have launched a campaign to encourage fans to use low-carbon transport options when travelling to sporting events in the UK, such as the 151st Open golf event in Liverpool and the Hundred cricket tournament.

Sky Sports, ECB and The R&A launch sustainable fan travel campaign

Fan travel is often the largest contributor to the carbon footprint of a sporting event. 

The broadcasting company launched its ‘Sky Sports Summer of Sustainability’ campaign to encourage fans to reduce their carbon footprint by walking, lift sharing, cycling or taking public transport to events.

The campaign is in partnership with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and The R&A, which operates golf’s Open, and will utilise TV ad spots, on-screen editorial coverage, out-of-home advertising, social media and unique fan experiences at events to inspire fans to make more environmentally conscious choices when it comes to travel. 

“Climate change is threatening the sports we love,” said Jonathan Licht, Managing Director of Sky Sports. “Flooding and droughts could cause huge disruption to fans’ experience at venues across the UK. That’s why we’ve partnered with the ECB and The R&A to launch the Summer of Sustainability campaign. We’re using our voice to help fans travel green and take action against the climate crisis so there is always a place to play.”

“Climate change is threatening the sports we love.” Jonathan Licht, Managing Director of Sky Sports.

Research from Ralf Roth, head of the Institute of Outdoor Sports and Environmental Science at the German Sport University Cologne, has shown that more than 85% of greenhouse gas emissions related to major sporting events are caused by travel, and accommodation of guests.

Research following Sky’s Game Zero campaign in 2021 also found that 93% of emissions from match days came from fan travel and accommodation. Game Zero was a net zero carbon football match. However, research from Sky and the Behavioural Insights Team in 2021 found that 70% of consumers were willing to change their behaviour when it came to protecting the environment.

Sanjay Patel, Managing Director of The Hundred, said: “Cricket is one of the sports most susceptible to climate change and we must work together as a game to inspire sustainable action.

“We are proud to be able to support Sky Sports and the Sky Zero campaign again this summer as they help to encourage and educate fans on ways they can make greener choices when they travel to The Hundred matches.”

Arlette Anderson, Director of Sustainability at The R&A, added: “Our Greenlinks programme ensures that sustainability is firmly rooted in our plans to stage The Open while allowing us to use the Championship as a platform to engage with fans and make them aware of how they can play their part in contributing to positive outcomes for the environment.

“Together with our partners at Sky, we are encouraging fans to carefully consider their travel plans for The Open and use transport that has less impact on the environment.”

Image: mk. s on Unsplash

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