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Rhine-Ruhr 2025 targets sustainable World University Games

June 06 2024

The Rhine-Ruhr 2025 FISU World University Games has published a paper outlining the organising committee’s current sustainability efforts and its goals ahead of the event. 

Rhine-Ruhr 2025 targets sustainable World University Games

Titled Zoom-in and Zoom-out: the Sustainability & Legacy Approach, the paper details what measures are being taken to ensure the Games are as sustainable as possible. The ‘zoom-in’ perspective looks at the sustainability strategy while the ‘zoom-out’ perspective sees futurologist trend researcher Anja Kirig explain the legacy plan.

Some of the objectives already achieved include making the decision not to build a new athletes’ village and instead provide decentralised accommodations located in each city. This means that athletes, coaches and other members of staff can stay close to event locations.

A free public transport ticket will be provided for those who purchase an official event ticket or have an accreditation card, meaning visitors, media representatives, the workforce and roughly 12,000 volunteers can use public transport for free. Additionally, public transport services will be extended to cater for increased numbers of people.

Bicycle parking spaces will be provided at venues, while there are plans for bicycle check-ups, licenses and a bicycle bonus ‘incentive scheme’.

"We are seeing more of our event hosts integrate these important concepts into the FISU Games." FISU President Leonz Eder

There is also a focus on using renewable energy sources, integrating resource-friendly procurement and waste management into event operations and social sustainability.

The ‘zoom-out’ perspective focuses on economic aspects as well social and climate impact, cultural impact, and more.

“It has been evident that the Rhine-Ruhr 2025 Organising Committee has put a major focus on sustainability and legacy since the conceptualisation of the FISU Games,” said FISU President Leonz Eder.

“It is great to see this now come to life in this comprehensive pre-Games paper, covering so many aspects of sustainability and legacy. We are seeing more of our event hosts integrate these important concepts into the FISU Games. We are confident that Rhine-Ruhr will host an exceptional event in 2025 leaving lasting positive impacts for generations to come.”

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