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Restoring California’s Environment after the Amplify Energy Oil Spill

February 27 2023

Surfrider is providing input on an environmental restoration plan to address harm from the 2021 oil spill. We will hold Amplify Energy accountable for implementation.

Restoring California’s Environment after the Amplify Energy Oil Spill

The oil spill came without warning in the late evening of October 1, 2021. By morning, the toxic smell on the beach was palpable as crude oil hit the coasts of Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, California. In total, the Amplify Energy Oil Spill released an estimated 24,696 gallons of oil into the ocean following the rupture of an offshore drilling pipeline approximately 4 ½ miles from shore.

The 13 square mile oil slick wreaked havoc on the ocean and coastal environment in the following days and weeks, harming marine life, damaging sensitive habitats and impacting Indigenous culturally significant places as the pollution made its way south. The oil spill also caused significant harm to local communities and businesses through extended beach and fishery closures and disruption to southern California’s tourism-based economy.

In the wake of this disaster, an inspired cleanup response was marshaled by government agencies, cleanup professionals and volunteers. Led by the U.S. Coast Guard and the California Department of Fish & Wildlife, the cleanup removed thousands of pounds of oil from the environment. Surfrider was proud to support the cleanup by serving as the NGO Liaison to Unified Command. Surfrider also developed a smartphone app that safely engaged thousands of volunteers in providing data on oil pollution on the beach.

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