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Record heat waves in Asia affirm need for sport to address climate change

April 19 2023

As cities in Southeast Asia and Asia record soaring temperatures this month, the heat is on to tackle climate change.

Record heat waves in Asia affirm need for sport to address climate change

Siti Zubaidah admits it’s been a really challenging Ramadan this year, as Muslims in Malaysia, and worldwide, fast ahead of Eid al-Fitr, which will be held on 21/22 April.

The clerk with a local bank, based in Kuala Lumpur, breaks her fast with at least three glasses of water, before consuming food, and continues drinking fluids before she starts fasting the next day.

The hot, humid, and hazy conditions in Kuala Lumpur and several parts of the region have taken a toll on almost everyone. Even air-conditioned rooms provide little comfort.

It was reported that the world is witnessing the worst April heat wave in Asia’s history. Pakistan has seen temperatures soar to 44 degrees Celcius, with high temperatures also seen in India (43.5 degrees Celcius), Myanmar (43.3 degrees Celcius), and Bangladesh (41.7 degrees Celcius).

Last week, the temperature in Tak – a province in Thailand – rose to 45.4 degrees Celcius. That set a new national heat record. Experts warned the worst has yet to come, with the El Nino weather phenomenon that will result in hotter and drier weather across Thailand in the coming months.

More people are calling for drastic action, as climate change continues to disrupt the production of crops and affect water sources.

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