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RCS Sport and ANCI join forces to spread sustainable values with Giro d’Italia at forefront

November 30 2023

Event organiser RCS Sport has partnered with the National Association of Italian Municipalities in an attempt to enhance sustainability awareness and measures around the country, and promote youth sports culture.

RCS Sport and ANCI join forces to spread sustainable values with Giro d’Italia at forefront

The collaboration was unveiled at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome and aims to build a link between Italy’s 7,918 municipalities and 20 regions, driven by sport and its values.

RCS Sport organises the Giro d’Italia, one of cycling’s three Grand Tours, which is central to the partnership.

To begin with, ANCI will work with territories passed through in the race to create a “new dialogue” on environmental sustainability and youth.

“ANCI and the RCS Sport group join forces around one of the most popular sporting events in our country, the Giro d’Italia, and in support of one of the most important missions that the Mayors have given themselves: spreading bicycles as a daily means of locomotion in our cities, and as a tool for a radical change in the habits and way of moving and living of our fellow citizens,” said ANCI President Antonio Decaro.

The Giro d’Italia and its other events and projects including Giro Next Gen, Giro-E, Ride Green, BiciScuola and Giro Express will all be utilised to promote sustainability. Their multimedia platforms are said to help develop storytelling for the partnership’s aims.

“This partnership between RCS Sport and ANCI is very important for the projects it brings starting with the sharing of the territories and cities that the Giro d’Italia touches every year,” said RCS Sport Chief Executive Paolo Bellino.

“I would also like to mention the participation in the Ride Green project and our Giro-E because sustainability and responsible tourism are two themes that we hold particularly close to our hearts.”

Image: Josh Nuttall on Unsplash

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