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Promoting reconciliation through partnerships

June 01 2023

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC), together with its partners, has reaffirmed its commitment to the spirit of National Reconciliation Week 2023.

Promoting reconciliation through partnerships

Together with the Australian Olympic Committee, Paralympics Australia, Commonwealth Games Australia and the State and Territory Sport Institutes and Academies, ASC has committed to more substantive action when it comes to reconciliation. 

The Australian Sporting Network Joint Reconciliation Statement builds on the commitments made in 2021, and also supports the vision of Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy (HP 2023+), which highlights the need to forge meaningful connection with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, histories, communities and culture.

Since 2021, the ASC and other signatory organisations have supported or launched their own Reconciliation Action Plans; created formal or informal First Nations Advisory Committees; increased their cultural knowledge through training and education programmes, and curated partnerships, relationships or programmes in collaboration with First Nations Elders, emerging leaders and organisations.  

“We are proud that sport plays a powerful role in the promotion of reconciliation and reduction of inequality in Australian society." Australian Sports Commission Chief Executive Kieren Perkins

The 2023 Australian Sporting Network Joint Reconciliation Statement, in conjunction with the HP 2032+ Strategy Connection to Country, also commits to sharing learnings and resources; supporting the continued development of Reconciliation Action Plans; improving the procurement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander goods and services, and develop and deliver cultural enrichment programs for First Nations athletes, coaches, and administrators.

Further objectives include creating a more culturally aware, inclusive and safe environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; ensuring organisations are more reflective of the communities they represent; and committing to reviewing progress and sharing this annually.

ASC Chief Executive Kieren Perkins said: “We are proud that sport plays a powerful role in the promotion of reconciliation and reduction of inequality in Australian society.

“Australia is home to the oldest continuous culture on earth and provides our country with a unique and powerful place in the world. The Connection to Country is a key driver of the HP 2032+ Strategy, which is our system’s united roadmap to achieve sustainable success in the lead-up to Brisbane 2032 and beyond.”

He added: “Through the HP 2032+ Strategy and this Joint Statement, the Australian high performance system is committed to creating culturally safe environments that support First Nations Peoples and maximises opportunities in sport, from the sporting field to all levels of sporting administration.”

Image: Fitsum Admasu on Unsplash

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