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Premier League blocked armbands gesture during Green Football Weekend

February 29 2024 - News Release News Editorial

The English Premier League clamped down on its clubs wearing armbands in support of Green Football Weekend earlier this month, according to the Daily Mirror.

Premier League blocked armbands gesture during Green Football Weekend

As many as nine of the top tier’s 20 clubs were interested in wearing the symbolic green armbands. However, the Premier League, which did not publicly endorse Green Football Weekend this year, reportedly insisted that any such expressions of support for the initiative should be confined to pre-match warm-ups.

Green Football Weekend director Sarah Jacobs labelled the Premier League’s lack of involvement in the initiative, which took place from February 2-5, as “disappointing”.

The league did not back the cause last year, but did allow clubs to display their own support, with the likes of Wolverhampton Wanderers donning green armbands.

The league did not respond to a request by Global Sustainable Sport to comment on why it had refused to allow the armbands to be worn before this story was published. However, the league’s stance this year is reportedly due to the league wanting to oversee all charitable initiatives itself.

According to the league, it remains “committed to reducing its overall climate impact” with the aim of achieving net-zero emissions by 2040.

Earlier this month, the league announced an Environmental Sustainability Commitment following a meeting with its clubs.

The commitment, designed to introduce “a minimum standard of action on environmental issues across the clubs and the league”, comprises four operational measures that will “provide a foundation to underpin long-term environmental ambitions”, according to the league.

Clubs are compelled to develop sustainability policies, which some campaigners feel should include minimal flying to matches.

Last weekend’s Carabao Cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool saw the latter fly to and from the match at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Image: James Kirkup on Unsplash

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