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PGA Tour commits to improving sustainability efforts

August 24 2023

The PGA Tour has outlined long-term environmental and social sustainability plans that will see credible initiatives implemented across tournaments, golf courses and offices.

PGA Tour commits to improving sustainability efforts

The PGA Tour is hoping to reduce the negative environmental impacts relating to the sport of golf, and drive positive change in the communities where events take place.

Key areas include reducing emissions, conserving water and diverting waste from landfill. The Tour will work with partners and experts to identify areas for improvement, innovate new processes and implement creative programmes that will provide measurable results. 

The Tour has focused on four main pillars: Leadership and influence, climate action, purpose-driven partnerships and promotion of nature. 

Within the leadership and influence pillar, the PGA Tour will aim to inspire all stakeholders; create internal and external education campaigns to share credible stories and achieve third-party certification; and align with industry sustainability standards. 

The climate action pillar will see the golf series monitor and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across all scopes; drive circularity, reduce landfill waste and work towards zero waste operations; and introduce long-term water conservation strategies. 

The PGA tour will also prioritise partners, vendors and suppliers that align with its sustainability goals, as part of its purpose-driven partnerships pillar. It will build sustainability focused partnerships and develop updated sponsorship and procurement standards. 

Promotion of nature will further see the PGA Tour identify current dependencies and impacts on nature, ensure protection and restoration through local and global restoration projects, and educate and advocate for the importance of nature. 

Image: Steven Shircliff on Unsplash

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