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Opponents continue voicing concerns over Paris 2024 surfing event

December 14 2023

Plans to stage the Paris 2024 surfing event in French Polynesia have drawn criticism from some of sport’s stakeholders, as well as locals in Tahiti.

Opponents continue voicing concerns over Paris 2024 surfing event

The event will take place some 16,000km away from the French capital and has continued to pose some serious questions. 

Olympic surfers, journalists, judges and other officials will be expected to travel to Tahiti. 

However, the travel is not the only cause for concern. Opponents have been particularly unhappy about plans for a new aluminium viewing tower that is set to be built for the event. 

Locals and critics have voiced their concerns for the coral and other marine life. Tahitian surfer Matahi Drollet is one such critic. 


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A viewing tower already exists in Teahupo’o, which was built 20 years ago for the World Surf League. However, Paris 2024 organisers have said that the foundations do not meet current safety requirements. 

The new €4.6m aluminium tower would require concrete foundations, with critics fearing for the seabed and surrounding coral reefs. 

Last month, Paris 2024 posted a press release detailing its options for the installation of the new judges’ tower. 

“The protection of the natural environment at Teahupo’o has always been a priority in the conception of all envisaged solutions for the site,” the release said. 

“All development plans at Teahupo’o have been studied to minimise impact on the environment. This has been the aim of all the studies carried out with a view of organising the Games, and in particular the environmental support mission during the design and construction phase of the new tower.”

Image: StockSnap from Pixabay

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