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Oberhof leading the way in hosting more sustainable biathlon events

February 16 2023 - News Release News Editorial

With the BMW IBU Biathlon World Championships passed the half-way mark, it is not just the athletes who are striving for excellence. Oberhof, the host of the 2023 World Championships, is leading the way in showcasing how to host more sustainable biathlon events.

Oberhof leading the way in hosting more sustainable biathlon events

Sustainability has been a leading principle for Oberhof since 2018 when the process of modernising its sports facilities began. Home to one of the world’s best biathlon venues, Oberhof is now also one of the world’s most sustainable biathlon venues. This ambition is closely aligned with the IBU and its ten-year Sustainability Strategy. Speaking at the IBU Sustainability Seminar in Oberhof last week, IBU Secretary General Max Cobb reminded participants how the sport needs to follow the example set by the athletes.

“Our approach mirrors the way many athletes pursue their goals. We have to measure where we are, accept what we cannot change but commit to what we can change. Set ambitious goals. Innovate to find solutions. Hold ourselves accountable. And set an example – using our platform and engaging our athletes to advocate for impactful change.” Max Cobb, IBU Secretary General

Over the last three years, the IBU has implemented several initiatives that will serve as the foundation for achieving its objectives of being climate neutral by 2030 and net zero by 2040. The IBU drives sustainable action within the global biathlon family, with a focus on its events where most of the sport’s climate impact comes from.

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