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Netball Victoria releases its first “Green Action Plan”.

September 12 2023

In September 2023, Netball Victoria released its first "Green Action Plan".

Netball Victoria releases its first “Green Action Plan”.

The purpose of the plan is to signal Netball Victoria’s intention to take positive and practical steps towards becoming a greener organisation. It supports the growing national and international practices in sport, to ensure the protection of our environment and invest in a sustainable future.

Read our Green Action Plan here

In recent times, our society has become more environmentally aware, and it was a natural evolvement that Netball Victoria follows suit.

Since 2019, Netball Victoria has been a member of the Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) and in February 2020, the inaugural Netball Victoria Environment Working Group (EWG) was established to focus on ’empowering our netball community to live healthier lives in a healthier environment’.

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