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MissionH24’s hydrogen electric prototype aiming for Le Mans

October 19 2023

MissionH24, a collaboration between the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) and H24 Project, has presented a new hydrogen electric prototype for long-distance racing.

MissionH24’s hydrogen electric prototype aiming for Le Mans

The objective is to create a hydrogen class within the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) which will include the ACO-organised 24 Hours of Le Mans. MissionH24 is hoping the car will be the first ever zero-emission entry in the famous race. 

MissionH24’s new racer will utilise a 400kW lithium battery, with the integration of a motor and drivetrain with a maximum 872hp output, along with two hydrogen fuel tanks which will store 7.8kg of hydrogen at 700 bars for a total weight of roughly 100kg. 

While the electric prototype concept is yet without a name, it will begin track testing in 2025. 

MissionH24 has previously produced the LMPH2G hydrogen concept, which ran its first demonstration at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium in 2018. It then took part in a live practice session for a Le Mans Cup round the year after. Its successor, the H24, featured a redesigned powertrain with two electric motors – the LMPH2G had four – and finished four Le Mans Cup races last year. 

Pierre Fillion, ACO President, Co-President of Mission24, said: “After introducing hydrogen to the racetrack, MissionH24 is now entering a new phase: bringing hydrogen to competitive racing. This new prototype clearly intends to rival the other forms of energy in the field. Hydrogen technology is safe, reliable and can perform. The ambition is now to provide the first zero-emission winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.”

Technical Director Bassel Aslan added: “Thanks to MissionH24, hydrogen technology has stood out in the competition world. Now the time has come to prove that this technology can offer an alternative to fossil fuels with the same efficiency and zero CO2 emission. This new car will be for those involved the real symbol of the future of motorsport in line with the energy transition.”

Image: Floriane Morize on Unsplash

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