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Manchester Giants go Climate Neutral

March 13 2023

From being the birthplace of both the Industrial Revolution and the Suffragette Movement, to splitting the atom and inventing the computer, Manchester has a global reputation as being a city of firsts. And now there’s an addition to that illustrious list: former British Basketball champions, Manchester Giants, have announced that they will become climate neutral in time for the start of the new season, the first top flight sports team to deliver on such an ambitious target.

Manchester Giants go Climate Neutral
“We’re not pledging to cut our net emissions by 2050, or even Manchester’s own ambitious target of 2038, we’re going to act today. We think we’re the first top flight team in the world to make this commitment but, if we’re not, that’s great because it means other teams are also working hard to protect the planet for future generations” Head Coach, Vince Macaulay, broke the ground breaking news,
“We’re going to decarbonise every aspect of our operation: renewable energy, greener transport options, ethical suppliers, a sustainable catering offer and, obviously, eliminating single use plastics. We’re really lucky to have one of the leading sustainable management companies, Net Zero Event Management, on our doorstep and we’ll be using their expertise to reduce our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum, and then invest in a number of gold standard offsetting programmes, including solar, wind, rainforest protection and much more. And we’re going to plant so many trees that we’ll end up with a ‘Giants Forest’! We all know we have to act to safeguard our future, and we’ve decided to act immediately.” Giants’ events manager, former Olympian and Commonwealth Games medallist, Dominique Allen, added

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