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LTA Pledgeball League launches

June 15 2023

The LTA and research-backed charity Pledgeball have launched the LTA Pledgeball League for tennis venues across the UK, with the aim of promoting and encouraging the uptake of sustainability practices.

LTA Pledgeball League launches

Tennis players at LTA-registered venues can submit pledges on behalf of their venue via the charity’s website. Pledges can be simple actions taken by individuals that will have a positive impact on the environment and help to reduce carbon emissions. 

Tennis venues are able to climb up the LTA Pledgeball League thanks to more pledges made on their behalf. Each pledge will count towards a combined emissions saving figure, demonstrating the collective impact.

The partnership with Pledgeball is just one way in which the LTA is working on its Environmental Sustainability Plan, by not only making changes across its own operations, venues and events, but also by supporting tennis venues. 

The LTA Pledgeball League is currently open for its first round of two, with the first round closing on July 23. The second round will run between July 24 and September 4.

Prizes for those who make a pledge and the top performing venues include entry into a draw for tickets for the Great Britain Davis Cup Finals group stage at AO Arena, Manchester in September. 

The top three venues in each round will also be able to send two volunteers to take part in a sustainability themed visit to the LTA’s National Tennis Centre and All England Lawn Tennis Club. A third prize will come in the form of tennis equipment from the LTA. 

“Today’s launch of our LTA Pledgeball League allows tennis players across the country to also pull together to make a difference – everyone can play their part – however big or small. Get pledging,” said LTA Participation Director and Executive Lead on Sustainability, Olly Scadgell. 

“We have already provided a range of resources for tennis venues to help support, promote and encourage the uptake of environmental sustainability practices through the LTA’s Venue Support Toolkit, including an action plan, which is packed full of practical ideas for venues to adopt. Other resources, such as guidance on reducing energy usage are also available.’’

He added: “The LTA is committed to ensuring our major events meet high standards of sustainability such as here in Nottingham this week and across all our events this summer. If we make sure we are using our resources effectively we can mitigate the impact on the climate by reducing waste.’’

Pledgeball Chief Executive Katie Cross said: “The tennis community is a huge and powerful force: venues across Great Britain have already taken a lead in addressing environmental sustainability by switching to LEDs, boosting biodiversity through wildlife havens and facilitating the reuse of old equipment.”

Global Sustainable Sport spoke to Cross in a recent feature on Pledgeball, a charity that is using the power of sport to influence taking a stand with sustainability.

You can read it here.

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