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Las Vegas Grand Prix to feature “first-of-its-kind” water conservation technology

November 16 2023

The Las Vegas Grand Prix’s promoters have launched a water conservation programme as they look to reduce outdoor water consumption at the season’s penultimate Formula 1 event.

Las Vegas Grand Prix to feature “first-of-its-kind” water conservation technology

The programme is expected to eventually offset water consumption at large-scale sporting events, and will be launched at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in partnership with the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Organisers of the race, scheduled for November 19, claim that it could make the event the first net-zero water consumption race in Formula 1 history.

An “atmospheric water generator” was installed by the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. This technology captures water vapor released from a commercial cooling tower before turning it into drinking water.

“Given the severity of our drought in Clark County, we always appreciate proactive efforts from private partners to minimise their water use,” said Clark County Commissioner Marilyn Kilpatrick, who is also chair of the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

“This project has the potential to serve as a template for other events held in our community and reaffirming our collective commitment to water conservation in our destination.”

A testing phase took place in the weeks leading up to the race which saw the generator installed. This phase assessed whether it was able to convert moisture in the air into water.

The event marks the first Formula 1 race in Las Vegas – which is situated in the Mojave Desert and has a limited water supply – since the Caesars Palace Grand Prix in 1982.

Image: David Vives on Unsplash

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