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LA28 organisers turn to local groups for impact guidance

May 04 2023

LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games organisers have held initial meetings with local community leaders to garner advice and guidance around planning for the Games.

LA28 organisers turn to local groups for impact guidance

Guidance was sought to make sure that the planning of the Games reflects the values of Los Angeles, uplifts communities and helps to create economic opportunities across the region. 

The working groups represent organisations from across LA and participants are actively engaged in local communities. The three groups, which have been assembled by LA28, will meet quarterly to share advice and community knowledge with the planning committee.

LA28 Vice-President of Impact Erikk Aldridge said: “We are working closely with civic and non-profit organisations and their subject matter experts to ensure diverse voices are included as we plan the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We have a unique opportunity to use the Games as a catalyst for progress, co-creating benefit for the region that will be around well after the Games are over.”

The groups will provide guidance on the Games’ impact and organisers’ sustainability plans. The groups will also help to shape policies to make sure small, local and minority-owned businesses will have access to contract opportunities. Further help will be offered to accelerate local impact and sustainability investments and practices to make sure there is a lasting benefit for the region. 

Some of the organisations advising on local hire include Arts for LA, Brotherhood Crusade, Cal State University Office of the Chancellor, Community Build, Disability Community Resource Center and more. 

Organisations advising on sustainability include Climate Resolve, Heal the Bay, IBEW Local 11, Liberty Hill Foundation, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator and the Neighbourhood Council Sustainability Alliance. 

The groups are also joined by representatives from local organisations including the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Contract Administration, City of Los Angeles Personnel Department, City of LA Mayor’s Office of Energy and Sustainability, City of Los Angeles Sanitation & Environment Department, City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works and City of Los Angeles Office of Procurement.

Image: Cedric Letsch on Unsplash

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