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Keeping it clean in the IPL

April 06 2023

The Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) has teamed up with Urbaser Summeet to make Indian Premier League (IPL) matches at M A Chidambaram Stadium (also known as Chepauk Stadium) in Chennai, more environmentally friendly.

Keeping it clean in the IPL

Urbaser Summet is a waste management company and will work with the stadium and the TNCA to manage waste during this year’s IPL.

Waste will be segregated at the source and from allotted stands within the stadium during the match, with recycling heading to the right place and other waste earmarked for composting. Seven matches are scheduled to be held at the stadium during the IPL.

Plastic usage within the stadium will be curtailed and the use of cloth bags and banners will be encouraged for fans. Green and blue bins will also be readily available outside and inside the stadium for the disposal of wet and dry waste.  

Mahmood Sait, Chief Executive of Urbaser Summeet, told The Hindu: “For the first time, we have designed a plan to ensure waste — although only in a set of allotted stands in every match — leaves the campus segregated.”

The recent third one-day international match between India and Australia at M A Chidambaram Stadium saw these methods tested. 

Sait added: “We put up a strong waste management team outside the stadium to ensure waste was being disposed of responsibly. For the IPL, we wanted to send a stronger message on segregation of waste at source.”

Roughly one tonne of waste was generated during the India-Australia match, according to VR Hari Balaji, Head of Information, Education and Communication at Urbaser Summeet. Water was sold in paper cups, and staff have also been asked to increase the frequency of clearing up waste and litter. 

Other venues such as Chinaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru, Holkar Stadium in Indore and Akana Stadium in Lucknow have also implemented green practices at IPL matches. 

Image: Shreeram07/ CC BY-SA 3.0/ Edited for size

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