Join Forces For More Impact

September 20 2022 - News Release News Editorial

In order to strengthen structures for sustainable exercise programs and thus get even more children moving nationwide, there will be a close exchange between the "Bundesliga Moves" program initiated by the DFL Foundation, the Freiburg Sport Club and SV Werder Bremen and ALBA BERLIN's initiative SPORT NETWORKED.

Join Forces For More Impact

Both programs counteract the increasing lack of exercise among children and young people, which has been exacerbated by the corona pandemic. In doing so, they rely in particular on networking: The professional clubs use their core competence of sport and their charisma to bring together actors from politics, sport, education and other institutions in the respective cities, to qualify them and thus to give children and young people a low-threshold entry into sport enable.


With the SPORT VERNETZT initiative, which was launched by ALBA BERLIN in 2021, Germany’s largest basketball club wants to change the sports and education system. The program, which is funded by the Auridis Foundation and the Beisheim Foundation, now includes more than 20 partner institutions and clubs from all sports across Germany. ALBA BERLIN shares its experience from many years of structural educational work at over 200 schools and day-care centers in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The “Bundesliga Moves” program started in February 2022 on the initiative of the DFL Foundation, SC Freiburg and SV Werder Bremen. A total of 25 football clubs in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 have joined and since then more than 200 weekly exercise offers in schools and day-care centers and around 50 networking and qualification measures have been carried out.

What is already successfully practiced at “Bundesliga Moves” and SPORT VERNETZT is now to be brought together even more. The aim of the cooperation is to create synergies and, through cooperation, to assume joint responsibility for the movement-friendly design of the environment for young people. In particular, children with difficult starting conditions should be taken into account. In addition, the exchange with other actors is to be strengthened and a nationwide network in the field of physical activity promotion is to be created. The common vision: Young people have access to high-quality, consecutive and cross-sport exercise offers 365 days a year.



The nationwide program was launched in February 2022 by the DFL Foundation, SC Freiburg and SV Werder Bremen and is carried out by a total of 25 clubs in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. In order to give children low-threshold access to exercise offers, the professional clubs have teamed up with daycare centers, schools, sports clubs and other institutions from social areas, for example socially disadvantaged parts of the region. The aim is to set impulses from professional football, to enable exchange and to strengthen networking in the social area in the long term. The pilot phase was supported by funds from the German Children and Youth Foundation’s “Auf!leben – Zukunft ist meine” program, financed by the federal government. Follow-up funding from the German Postcode Lottery from October 2022 will enable the steering group, consisting of the DFL Foundation, SC Freiburg and SV Werder Bremen, to continue. This has set itself the goal of perpetuating “Bundesliga Moves” with many professional clubs and strengthening the transfer of knowledge with other partners.

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SPORT VERNETZT is a Germany-wide initiative by ALBA BERLIN that wants to bring more sports education into the cities. SPORT VERNETZT works in association and exchange with many partners from sports, education and politics for more physical activity of children from socially challenging living areas. Founded in 2021, SPORT VERNETZT is funded by the Auridis Foundation and the Beisheim Foundation and, after one project year, includes more than 20 implementing locations and many other candidates. Among others, the handball Bundesliga team Flensburg-Handewitt, the basketball Bundesliga team Rostock Seawolves and SV Werder Bremen will be there. The SPORT-VERNETZT team from ALBA travels from one location to another and shares its educational structure and sporting expertise with all interested parties.

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The reigning German basketball champion ALBA BERLIN has been involved in popular sports and sustainable sports mediation with a unique young talent concept since 2005. In the ALBA JUGEND not only numerous future professional players were developed, the club now also reaches around 10,000 children per week in the region with its exercise offers, from daycare to upper school. To support the quality of sports education across the country, ALBA 2021 has set up a free digital teaching platform, the ALBAthek. At the same time, the association founded the program SPORT VERNETZT.

As a foundation from professional football, the DFL Foundation has been committed to giving young people in Germany the opportunity to develop and use their potential since it was founded in 2008. Together with strong partners and clubs of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2, it is committed to the healthy and active growth of children and the active participation of young people in a diverse and solidary society. In addition, it strengthens talents from over 50 Olympic and Paralympic sports as well as deaf sports in their sporting and personal development.

The promotion of mass sport has been an important part of the club’s work for SC Freiburg since 2004. For around one and a half years, the sports club has been working on the implementation of its “sports quarters idea” as part of the “Bundesliga Moves” and is thus setting an important focus in the area of ​​social sustainability. A sports quarter is a limited area (e.g. district) in which the SC Freiburg, the “berufleben akademie”, the city of Freiburg, the step foundation and the Eisvogel USC Freiburg, a network of daycare centers, elementary schools, sports clubs and other social Support and initiate facilities in the respective social area, create qualification offers and carry out sports and exercise programs. The goal is,

Since 2002, SV Werder Bremen has been actively involved in providing all children and young people with low-threshold access to sport in Bremen and the region. The focus is on promoting an intact sports and club landscape and building networks through partnerships with educational institutions and sports clubs. This approach was further developed into a social area-oriented and cross-departmental sports idea of ​​the club and culminates in the SPIELRAUM concept. SV Werder Bremen has been cooperating with ALBA BERLIN since 2019 and, with the SPIELRAUM concept, is part of the SPORT VERNETZT initiative founded by ALBA Berlin. Like ALBA BERLIN, SV Werder does not see itself as a purely professional club, but rather as a sports club and social player,

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